Rules for Force Users

The Force

Dark Side = Fastest way to get powerful
-When using a Force Point, you may add an extra d6 if you choose to use the force in anger. You then get to add them both together. If you have the “strong in the force” feat the roll is a d8 instead. However, you gain a Dark Side point from this and you can only get rid of it by atoning (the spending of force points to remove ds points does not count as atoning).

-Every other level after you fall to the Darkside you must pass a fort save vs the ds corruption:
1-5 -1 to all Physical Stats
6-25% -1 STR +1 CHR
26-50%-1 DEX +1 WIS
51-89% -1 CON +1 INT
90-95% Chose one stat to raise and one stat to lower
96-100% you choose one stat to raise/one to lower and you gain a DS power.

Light Side= Peace leads to enlightenment
- For doing selfless and good acts you can get a lightside point (the exact opposite of ds points). Once you have a number of LS points equal to your Wisdom score you have become intuned with the Force. This means you may roll d10’s instead of d6’s for Force Points.
- DS points and LS points cancel each other out
- Once you become Intuned with the Force, you may exchange extra LS points for xp- 1 LS point = 400 xp. However, if you go below the number equal to your wisdom score you no longer are In tuned with the Force.
- Every other Level after becoming in tuned with the LS, I will roll a dice:
1-25 +1 to one Physical attribute
26-50% +1 to one mental attribute
51-75% +1 to any attribute
76% Gain a Force Secret
77-90% Gain a Force power (no ds powers)
91-100% +4 force points for the current level

Dark Side and Light Side Points

Light Side points.
-Recieve one anytime you do something exceptionally Morale,put yourself in danger to keep someone else safe, you keep someone from doing something that would give them a DS point, etc.
-LS Points and DS Points cancel each other out.

Dark Side Points
-Recieve one anytime you do an act of evil.
-If the act is evil enough you can fall instantly to the darkside

Non Force Sensitive Players
LS and DS means nothing to non Force Sens players. However you have a Notoriety and Prestige scale that measures how well known you are for your good/bad actions. This scale increaes anytime somebody witnesses an action that would normally give you a LS or DS point.

Rules for Force Users

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