Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure

Crash and Burn

While everybody is resting and healing Vlad Mirros decides to open up the clay pots that he found in the dark crypt. Hesitant at first but encouraged by the Exile Lords wraith, he gains dark knowledge but at what cost?
Later on, the rest of the group decides to experiment with the powder and liquid found in the other urns found in the other crypts. Cee Zee of course takes some of the powder and is in a weird trance for hours, unable to explain what he seen.
They then decide to visit the Carved Tower and while there they discover that the liquid and powder mixed together make a potent drug, it allows force users to see potential paths that their future holds.
After interrogating the Rakatan Overlord, they find out that the planet was used as a weapons depot for their WMD’s. They decide to attack, free the Taungs and end the Threat of the Rakata on this planet (and hopefully end up with some powerful Rakatan weapons).
They decide that the best move would be an very unstealthy attack, from the sky. SO they loaded up in their ship and flew to the Rakata Camp. Once there they discovered that the Rakata ship was protected by some sort of energy beam and armed also with a very powerful missile turret (which almost shot them down).
Plan B was to kidnap a taung Chief and convince him of the Rakata threat. They managed to do this and he promised to at least cause a distraction. He managed to do that, however, Cee Zee seen taht tribe under attack and at first decided that he must help them. Until he came to his senses and realized he could do nothing for them and decided to infiltrate the Rakatan Ship. He makes his way to the Rakata ship, finds an open elevator tube and uses it to enter the ship. Once he is in the ship he discovers a cargo bay full of missiles, bombs and a curious shipping container looking object with a computer screen.

Meanwhile the rest of the group makes their way to bottom of the tube in time to see the elevator tube rise up and lock in. While they are standing around talking the ship starts up and slowly begins to lift off. They barely manage to figure out a way in and end up in the same cargo hold, just in time to stop Cee Zee from pressing any buttons on there. While in the cargo hold a large crane picks up one of the missiles and loads it in a tube. They fail to stop it before it launched. After that they continued through the cargo hold to the turbo lifts. Went up as high as they could make it and exited the turbo lift.

This is where they were ambushed by the Rakata. They had set up an ambush at an empty armory station. During the fight Cee Zee and Vlad were drawn into another room, where a massively armored Rakatan was waiting for them. After a brutal fight, the gruop defeated him when Vlad ripped him in half. However, they did not heed his warning, that if he died they all die, and the ship exploded around them. Lucky for them Cee Zee was able to project some sort of field around them to keep them safe and Vlad was magically able to transport them to the ground.




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