Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure

Revenge....Bittersweet Revenge

Shakti Fett, Pulin, Tasook the Ancient, Mandalore the First and Vlad Mirros narrowly escape the destruction of Alderaan. The group escaped to the Pirate base they took over with the survivors of Kir’s Kommandos.

The talk what happened over and come to the conclusion that Prof Vel Czerka stabbed them in the back and was playing them for fools, he probably didnt expect the group to survive (which they nearly did not). They decide that even though they will probably be on the run for the rest of their lives they cant let him get away with this……They must have revenge.

The group leaves Shakti Fett, who lost his arm in the Battle of Alderaan with last of Kir’s Kommandos to recover while the rest of the group heads to Prof Vel Czerka compound on Coruscant.

They manage to attack, fight their way through his guards into his office. However, when they are about to execute him Pulin and Vlad Mirros have a powerful Force Vision:
They see the Galactic Republic taking over Czerka Corp but being corrupted by all the tech and power it provides. Leading to it becoming more Militant, eventually leading to another Great War that leaves Trillions dead………

They decide that sometimes the evil you know is better then the Evil you dont know, they leave him alive with the promise that he will use his political contacts to clear their names.

They then return to their base but each prepare to head out in their own direction.



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