Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure

Joda and the Dboys

After watching the strange troops leave, carrying the entire tent city of hippies away, the group decided to head out to see about Vlad’s vision of someone strong in the force. They arrive to find that there is a ship sitting in a clearing with a very good holographic system and piloted by Joda, a strange but nice little guy. After some discussion, Joda gives Vlad, Tasook, and Shakti a ride to track down the planet killer bomb, leaving Mandalore and Czsar behind to try and fix the ship. They head to the pirate’s asteroid base, performing a daring vacuum jump entry, only to find the station open and empty. They find some information, including that the group had been working with the Rakata to recover the bomb themselves, and that they built and were building droids that resembled people. With one lead, the group headed to a pirate haven and bar to track down the one remaining member of the pirates, the mechanic from Shakti’s old group. Spending a little time in the bar, they gamble and arm wrestle for a while before some idiot wants to bully Joda. He grabbed Joda and instantly, Shakti, Vlad, and Tasook started making wagers on “the little guy.” After his first attack missed, everyone else in the bar takes them up on the bet, and after dodging the thug’s first attack, Joda knocked the thug out with a single hit. A good old fashioned brawl started to develop, but is cut short by the main boss, who hires the group to track down the mechanic and deliver him for questioning.

The group then left and headed to Duro only to arrive in the midst of a massive space battle
Battle of Three Fleets




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