Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure

Act 1 Wrap Up

Vlad returned to Tattoine to contemplate the Balance. Using his riches to turn Cee Zees Palace into a Monastery of sorts: he invites anybody willing and able to travel the distance to come learn how to spread the balance through the Galaxy; he spread a message of tolerance and understanding. One day however, he students woke up to find him gone, as if he just disappeared into thin air. The “Knowledge Crystals” he used to store his Knowledge and message were as he left them, ironically the ability to construct these crystals were lost with him…….
Tasook and Mandalor partnered up together , rebuilt the Kommandos and left for the Unknown Regions…….. After years of traveling and searching, they returned to Tasooks home world of Dosha. Using the military might and advanced weapons of the Kommandos, they set themselves up as the Rulers of the Trandoshans. With the ability know to travel through space, the Trandoshans discover near by a planet populated by hairy animalistic bipeds, who call themselves Wookies. Starting years of Hunting and slaving: Mandalor being a man of Honor disagrees with this and joins with the Wookies; eventually leading to an uneasy peace……..Tasook the Ancient lives for decades, stomping out any threat to his rule, eventually dies in battle, overwhelmed by the sheer number of Wookies that attack. His youngest son murders all his older brothers in order to take over the Throne, Tasook would have been proud. Mandalore the First dies young but the legends of his prowess in battle live on forever, The Wookies adopt his name as the head of the Clans and a long line of Mandalores begin.

Pulin (Joda, Jodacis): Pulin loads his ship with the new Technology that catches his eyes in the Republic. Following the path of destruction left in the wake of the Kommandos through the Unknown Regions, Pulin notes where they stop, so that in the Future, his people can watch and see what develops. Pulin, then decides to brave the deep core passage, something his people have never done before. While there, he finds a planet of Force Sensitive people who call themselves the Jed’aii

Shakti Fett and the survivors of the Kommandos are left behind on the Asteroid Base when the rest of the group heads out to attack Prof Czerka. After a year of healing and rebuilding, they turn the asteroid into a Casino calling it the Pirates Den. After that Shakti lives of a life of excess, drinking away the pain of losing an arm and having a monsterous cyborg arm grow back, seducing and impregnating any girl that catches his eyes. Shakti Fett becomes known as “The King of the Bastards” due to the large number of kids he has. Nobody has the balls to call him that to his face

Czerka Corp: Quickly turns from Criminal Arms dealing company to legitimate Galaxy spanning Corporation, mainly due to the lifelong ownership of Alderaan. The money the comes in with strip mining that planet using the Wookie slave labor provided by Tasook the Ancient give Czerka the ability to fund any sort of R&D or buy out any company that they choose.



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