Act 1: Unification Wars 25,052 BBY- 25,043 BBY
The Rakata Infinite Empire has collapsed and all the former slave planets have been spending the last few hundred years rebuilding and taking on the challenge of being Self Governed. However, some Factions have their eyes on the rest of the Galaxy……

Episode 1: In The Beginning, The group takes a job babysitting a super cargo hauler and discovers that the Rakata are still out there.
Episode 2: Cee Zees Folly, They escape from the Rakata and make their way to Duros, no thanks to Cee Zee.
Episode 3: Mandalore, They Sign up with Prof Vels expedition, discover the Taungs and meet Mandalore. Tasook becomes the head of a Clan
Episode 4: Holy Trinity, The group has to go deep down into the Ancient Rakata Temple, Cee Zee and Vlad Mirros gain mystic abilities.
Episode 5: Crash and Burn, Vlad Mirros changes, Cee Zee becomes more powerful and the group destroies a Rakata Battleship.
Episode 6: Bugs! The group salvages the weapons from the Rakata Ship, finds where Kir Vantai disapeared to, and finds that planet is infested with techno spiders.
Episode 7 Missing in Action The group spends 4 years in cryosleep and returns to a Galaxy Changed, Prof Vel Czerka disappears and the group might have been taken advantage of by the Red Hand.
Episode 8: Uncle ? Vlad disappears, the group gets “fired” by Nima Ven and red hand assasin that looks like Cee Zee’s Uncle attacks them
[[Episode 8.5 | Episode 8.5]]: The Balance Vlad Solo Adventure, He meets a future version of himself.
Episode 9: Rock Bottom The group confronts Nima Ven, finds out that she isnt really a hot dancing Twileck and then crashes to the bottom layers of Coro
Episode 10: The Sky(hook) is falling The group rescues Prof Vel Czerka and takes out the head of the Red Hand
Episode 11: Cee Zee Vs Mandalore Cee Zee finally snaps, duels Mandalore on the top of the ship in a rain storm, the group heads to Alderaan
Episode 12: Backs against the wall The mysterious Military Group Lands, packs up the hippies and attacks the group at their ship.
Episode 13: Joda and the Dboys The group meets Pulin. Mandalore and Szar head off on their own.
Episode 14: Slippery Cee Zee The group gets played by Cee Zee.
Episode 15: Assasins? Some members of the group take on a wet work mission
Episode 16: The Long Goodbye Pulin,Shakti Fett and Vlad Mirros end the threat of Cee Zee
Episode 17: Derelict: An old Derelict Ship is found but it is infested by spiders
Episode 18: Battle of Alderaan: Scorched Earth
Episode 19: Revenge…Bittersweet Revenge
Act 1 Wrap Up

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Act 2: Rise of the Jed’ aii 25,037 BBY-
The Jed’aii order sits nestled away from the rest of the Turmoil in the Galaxy, alone on Tython.
Initiates No More
Episode 20: The Begining: The Group goes exploring near the Temple
Episode 21: Emotional Attachments: The Group meets an interesting group of Je’daii females.
Episode 22: Darkness Rising : The group is sent on one last errand before they leave on their Journey, their fellow Padawan falls to a dark disease.
Journeymen: The group splits up and heads on their Journeys to the Force Temples
Episode 23: Temple Falls: Two members of the group fight off Dark Je’Daii at the Temple of Knowledge.
Episode 24: __: The group is sent to Bogan and possibly uncover a Conspiracy.

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Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure

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