Battle of Alderaan

Kirs Kommandos VS Galactic Republic

After being declared a Terrorist organization, the Kir Kommandos set up defenses in anticipation of the Republic attack.
They used two of the Hyperspace Cannons that Czerka had in orbit, loaded with boulders and spare shuttles to fire hypersonic bullets at the incoming fleet, managing to decimate most of the command and control vessels. However, the Republic fleet now led by Commander Jonas Paltina continued on, refusing to be stopped.

Meanwhile, on the ground, Kirs Kommandos set up for the ground offensive. They mined the sheer cliff on the southern edge of the canyon and set up ambushes along the front.
Shakti Fett took command of the small Fighter Squadron the KK’s had and decimated the advance fighter squadrons sent by the Republic.
Vlad and his SF group set up an ambush that was to be timed with the Republic Ground troops reaching a certain point.
Tasook, took command of the evacuation of the KK Facility while Pulin, Mandalore and Szar loaded up the escape ship.

The first wave of Ground Troops were decimated by the avalanche caused by the cliff mines and slowed down by the Ground troops, heroically led by Tasook. Most of these troops gave up their lives in order for the evacuation to take place.
After the cliff avalanche, Vlad and the SF Group ambushed the remaining Republic Fighters and started attacking the remnants of the First Ground wave

However, bad news was on its way with the arrival of the Second wave/Main Force. They included scout walkers and heavily armored/armed troop transports. These easily wiped up most of the remaining ground troops and even managed to shoot Shakti Fett, (who rather than return to safety decided to do strafing runs on the transports, a tactic that was paying off until lack turned against him) out of the sky.

At this point, the troops who managed to make it back were loaded up onto Pulin ship and they flew into the battle field to pick up Vlad and Shakti (minus one arm, he sacrifced his limb to take down a walker) who were about to be overran by Republic Shocktroops.
With one final eff you to the Republic, the Kir Kommandos set off an ancient Rakata Planet buster, turning the tranquil and beautiful Alderaan into a scorched dead planet

Battle of Alderaan

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