Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure


While Pulin, Shakti Fett and Vlad Mirros spend 16 months travling back and forth between Tatooine and Alderaan. This is what they miss:

Month 1:Tasook and Mandalore are recalled back to Alderaan by Prof Czerka, to lead Kirs Kommandos in the Invasion of Correllia.
Month 1:. The Governor of Correllia disappears after hiring Kirs Kommandos.
Months 5-9: Invasion of Correllia takes place with Kirs Kommandos at the vanguard. breach the Palace of Corellia but claim that the Queen was dead when they arrived.
Monts 13-14: Prof Czerka buys out Herglic Trade Empire and has the Hyperspace Cannons moved to Alderaan
Month 15: Video footage is released to Republic News Agencies showing:
a. The group murder The Governor of Correllia
b. Tasook and Mandalore murder the Queen of Correllia after reaching the Throne Room during the Invasion of Correllia.
Month 16: An old derelict looking ship randomly appears in orbit around Alderaan
Month 16: Warrants for the Arrest for the group are issued, Kirs Kommandos are designated as a Terrorist Organization and Czerka Corp removes funding and condemns the actions of the Kirs Kommandos.


While traveling home from Tattooine; Pulin,Shakti Fett and Vlad Mirros discover an old Derelict ship floating in space. They board it and Pulin states that it looks to be Pre-Rakata Empire. An examination of the ship reveals not much but they do find a sealed container which holds: a dead mummified body wearing heavy black armor, wearing a blue crystal on a chain around his kneck and with a black onyx sword. When trying to leave, some sort of alarm is triped, releasing a hord of techno spiders, much like what was found on Taungor, the group attempted to fight their way through this hord but was overwhelmed by the shear number. At the end they all succomed and woke up an unknown amount of time later webbed up in a spiders web.


Battle of Alderaan.....Scorched Earth


Kirs Kommandos VS Galactic Republic

After being declared a Terrorist organization, the Kir Kommandos set up defenses in anticipation of the Republic attack.
They used two of the Hyperspace Cannons that Czerka had in orbit, loaded with boulders and spare shuttles to fire hypersonic bullets at the incoming fleet, managing to decimate most of the command and control vessels. However, the Republic fleet now led by Commander Jonas Paltina continued on, refusing to be stopped.

Meanwhile, on the ground, Kirs Kommandos set up for the ground offensive. They mined the sheer cliff on the southern edge of the canyon and set up ambushes along the front.
Shakti Fett took command of the small Fighter Squadron the KK’s had and decimated the advance fighter squadrons sent by the Republic.
Vlad and his SF group set up an ambush that was to be timed with the Republic Ground troops reaching a certain point.
Tasook, took command of the evacuation of the KK Facility while Pulin, Mandalore and Szar loaded up the escape ship.

The first wave of Ground Troops were decimated by the avalanche caused by the cliff mines and slowed down by the Ground troops, heroically led by Tasook. Most of these troops gave up their lives in order for the evacuation to take place.
After the cliff avalanche, Vlad and the SF Group ambushed the remaining Republic Fighters and started attacking the remnants of the First Ground wave

However, bad news was on its way with the arrival of the Second wave/Main Force. They included scout walkers and heavily armored/armed troop transports. These easily wiped up most of the remaining ground troops and even managed to shoot Shakti Fett, (who rather than return to safety decided to do strafing runs on the transports, a tactic that was paying off until lack turned against him) out of the sky.

At this point, the troops who managed to make it back were loaded up onto Pulin ship and they flew into the battle field to pick up Vlad and Shakti (minus one arm, he sacrifced his limb to take down a walker) who were about to be overran by Republic Shocktroops.
With one final eff you to the Republic, the Kir Kommandos set off an ancient Rakata Planet buster, turning the tranquil and beautiful Alderaan into a scorched dead planet

Revenge....Bittersweet Revenge

Shakti Fett, Pulin, Tasook the Ancient, Mandalore the First and Vlad Mirros narrowly escape the destruction of Alderaan. The group escaped to the Pirate base they took over with the survivors of Kir’s Kommandos.

The talk what happened over and come to the conclusion that Prof Vel Czerka stabbed them in the back and was playing them for fools, he probably didnt expect the group to survive (which they nearly did not). They decide that even though they will probably be on the run for the rest of their lives they cant let him get away with this……They must have revenge.

The group leaves Shakti Fett, who lost his arm in the Battle of Alderaan with last of Kir’s Kommandos to recover while the rest of the group heads to Prof Vel Czerka compound on Coruscant.

They manage to attack, fight their way through his guards into his office. However, when they are about to execute him Pulin and Vlad Mirros have a powerful Force Vision:
They see the Galactic Republic taking over Czerka Corp but being corrupted by all the tech and power it provides. Leading to it becoming more Militant, eventually leading to another Great War that leaves Trillions dead………

They decide that sometimes the evil you know is better then the Evil you dont know, they leave him alive with the promise that he will use his political contacts to clear their names.

They then return to their base but each prepare to head out in their own direction.

Act 1 Wrap Up

Vlad returned to Tattoine to contemplate the Balance. Using his riches to turn Cee Zees Palace into a Monastery of sorts: he invites anybody willing and able to travel the distance to come learn how to spread the balance through the Galaxy; he spread a message of tolerance and understanding. One day however, he students woke up to find him gone, as if he just disappeared into thin air. The “Knowledge Crystals” he used to store his Knowledge and message were as he left them, ironically the ability to construct these crystals were lost with him…….
Tasook and Mandalor partnered up together , rebuilt the Kommandos and left for the Unknown Regions…….. After years of traveling and searching, they returned to Tasooks home world of Dosha. Using the military might and advanced weapons of the Kommandos, they set themselves up as the Rulers of the Trandoshans. With the ability know to travel through space, the Trandoshans discover near by a planet populated by hairy animalistic bipeds, who call themselves Wookies. Starting years of Hunting and slaving: Mandalor being a man of Honor disagrees with this and joins with the Wookies; eventually leading to an uneasy peace……..Tasook the Ancient lives for decades, stomping out any threat to his rule, eventually dies in battle, overwhelmed by the sheer number of Wookies that attack. His youngest son murders all his older brothers in order to take over the Throne, Tasook would have been proud. Mandalore the First dies young but the legends of his prowess in battle live on forever, The Wookies adopt his name as the head of the Clans and a long line of Mandalores begin.

Pulin (Joda, Jodacis): Pulin loads his ship with the new Technology that catches his eyes in the Republic. Following the path of destruction left in the wake of the Kommandos through the Unknown Regions, Pulin notes where they stop, so that in the Future, his people can watch and see what develops. Pulin, then decides to brave the deep core passage, something his people have never done before. While there, he finds a planet of Force Sensitive people who call themselves the Jed’aii

Shakti Fett and the survivors of the Kommandos are left behind on the Asteroid Base when the rest of the group heads out to attack Prof Czerka. After a year of healing and rebuilding, they turn the asteroid into a Casino calling it the Pirates Den. After that Shakti lives of a life of excess, drinking away the pain of losing an arm and having a monsterous cyborg arm grow back, seducing and impregnating any girl that catches his eyes. Shakti Fett becomes known as “The King of the Bastards” due to the large number of kids he has. Nobody has the balls to call him that to his face

Czerka Corp: Quickly turns from Criminal Arms dealing company to legitimate Galaxy spanning Corporation, mainly due to the lifelong ownership of Alderaan. The money the comes in with strip mining that planet using the Wookie slave labor provided by Tasook the Ancient give Czerka the ability to fund any sort of R&D or buy out any company that they choose.

Initiates No More

After years as Je’daii Initiates you have now been chosen to further your training at Kaleth;The Temple of Knowledge. There you will study the ways of the Force under the great Scholar Master Klian Fre, the Assistant to the Temple Master of Kaleth……..

The Begining

Temple of knowledge

Darkness Rising

Ice castle

Akar Kesh: The Temple of Balance; Temple Master Jonas Lynn; Je’daii Order Council Master
The ship you have taken to reach the Isle of Balance is piloted by a master, you can tell by the way she is threading the needle between all the rocky crags. The nearer you get the bigger and more intimidating the Great Force Storm over the Temple seems until you finally enter the maelstrom. The storm tosses the little ship around like it is nothing and the fact that visibility is zero makes it that much worst. Finally the ship breaks through to the eye of the storm and you get your first glimpse of Akar Kesh. The Obsidian Temple with its many bridges connecting it to the smaller islands around it, the home of the Je’Daii Council, what secrets will you learn here?

Qigong Kesh: Temple of the Mind’s Eye; Temple Master Astaral Vin Dorian
Qigong Kesh is found deep in the Caverns of Jiun, a tough journey down sheer mountain cliffs and down into the caves themselves. Once there you learn that lights are forbidden and the only for of communication allowed is through the mind. Only the toughest mentally can last a full year here, you can’t imagine what it takes to be willing to become an instructor here.

Anil Kesh: The Temple of Science; Temple Master Scrr
Anil Kesh, the Temple of Science, located in the Great Plains of the Dhurg, is surprising appealing to the eyes. You would think it would be more sterile and boring but great pains were obviously taken to make it feel inviting. You walk up the marble steps into the main gateway and that is when the temple starts looking like a location dedicated in the pursuit of sciences.

Bodhi: The Temple of Arts; Master Temple Fril’Swoo
You are walking through the Great Plains of Dhurg, in the distance you hear the roaring of falling water, this tells you that you are nearing Bodhi. It sits in a depression that is surrounded by waterfalls. This makes it an interesting trip down, being your choices are zip lines, jumping down into the water or walking down steep and slippery steps. As you can imagine, Bodhi, the Temple dedicated to the Arts is by far the most visually please of all the Temples. It is made from some metal that seems to constantly be flowing as if it was alive, and also the spires are designed to catch the wind. This causes a soothing melody to always be playing. Your time here will be relaxing and hopefully rewarding.

Mahara Kesh: The Temple of Healing; Temple Master Sander Lynn
This temple is built at the base of a hollowed out mountain, the inside is designed for function rather than pleasure. It houses any Je’daii that needs long term medical care, for example your fellow Padawan that was infected is here. You check in on him while you are there, he looks worse, dark broken blood vessels, pale white skin, nails and teeth seems be cracked. Almost as if he is aging very badly. Sometime recently a Force Storm started forming at the peak of the Mountain but so far it has stayed small.

Stav Kesh: The Temple of Martial Arts; Temple Master Qui’jo
The boat you are on taking you to Stav Kesh is packed with gear and other nervous Journeymen, very little free space is available, usually on the main deck of the ship. However, the sun beating down and the lack of shade is the trade off…. neither of which are very comfortable. After a few months of traveling you hear the call that the ship has arrived and the splash of the anchors. As you walk up to the main deck you see a hot barren wasteland, you have arrived at Stav Kesh. No frills here, so you have to hope down into the water and swim to shore. Once there the Je’Daii weapon masters split you up and march you off to training……

Vur Tepe: Temple of the Forge; Temple Master Nordix; Je’daii Order Weapon Master
As the boat docks in the Port City (calling it a City is an insult to most cities) of Alsara, you look around and see a frozen desolate land mass. You exit the ship, find a store that provides you with all the survival gear you need for your trek to the Ice Temple; Vur Tepe; The Temple of the Forge. The trip is not easy, at times you question and curse whoever decided to put a Je’daii Temple in this frozen hell. However, one day you step out of the ice fog and there it is…..Vur Tepe. If it is made out of anything other than ice you can’t tell from here, to you it looks like a castle that somebody poured water over and then froze. As you trudge your way to the Front gates you realize….there is no gate/door, it is just an open portal, open to the freezing winds and snow. You walk into the Main hallway and look up to see the Famed Sky of Swords………dangling above you attached to chains are thousands of weapons (swords, daggers, spears, hammers, axes, etc), the weapons of the dead. When a Je’Daii dies his weapon is sent here, since a weapon is attuned to a specific Je’Daii the theory is that it contains a little bit of their spirit, this allows the spirits of all the Fallen Je’Daii to be together.


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