Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure

Backs against the wall

After the crash, Tasook and Mandalore head back towards the tent city to observe what is happening and Shakti headed back to the engines to see why there is no power. Vlad, left alone with the box of payment taken from the pirates. He opened it, seeing the top tray filled with credit chips and lifted it up to see if there was more. Hearing a click, he immediately folded space outside, watching flames gout out of the suddenly shattered windows. In no time, they discovered that the engine room was filled with coolant smoke (a very bad sign). Vlad suited up in one of the EV suits and phased through the door to see what happened. Apparently, there was an engine malfunction and a pair of rods were thrown, piercing the coolant line. Finding the manual vent, Vlad attempted to open it but found it jammed. Noticing the coolant was eating into his suit, he folded space out and dropped the suit outside. At this time, Tasook came back and let everyone know that four troopships had land, disgorged troops and fortified the tent city. Tossing around a variety of ideas to launch an attack on the town and steal a ship, they decided it wasnt worth the risk and headed back to their ship to see if they could fix things. Vlad and Mandalore suited up and went into the engine room, trying to open the vent. They got it partially open and took some damage doing it. They then crashed in their buns to sleep it off, and Tasook and a new companion, Czar, took watch. After a few hours, two airships rushed in and 40ish troops launched an attack. Tasook stood his ground… for a little while, and Mandalore and Vlad fell shortly after, only able to take out most, not all, of the enemy troops. Shakti dueled his old boss inside the ship, and Czar sniped from the woods and chased the remainder of the troops off. After reviving Mandalore, Tasook, and Vlad, they watched the troop transports take off. Taking a look at the tent city, they find nothing, no tents, no people, no ships. The group decides that there has to be something else on this planet, and set about fixing their ship, at least enough to cruise around on planet.

Helghast forest battle by tactican d3d4ya6

Cee Zee vs Mandalore

Shakti, Vlad, and Madalore spend some time in the shop modifying weapons and are interupted by a strange power outage. They head for the core to see if there is a problem there and finding none, they spread out to see what the trouble is. Mandalore and Vlad come upon Cee Zee, wearing a badly dyed and dripping black robe. He is carrying a sword and in his other hand, ignites a laser sword linked to a power pack on his belt. Briefly attacking Vlad, he retreated to his room (through the wall), and then popped on top of the ship and back while pummeling Mandalore. Vlad interjected and knocked Cee Zee down, causing him to slide off the ship. Mandalore follows him, swinging away. Cee Zee ended up going into the abyss, and tried, but failed to drag Mandalore with him. The group decides that heading to Alderon gives them the best chance to track down the planet-killer bomb the pirates took. On the journey, the group modifies their weapons some more. When they arrive on Alderon, they see the pirate ship and head to the local bar to see if they can track the pirates down. On entering, they see the edge of a black cloak and give chase, thinking it is somehow Cee Zee. They end up losing him in the crowd, unable to see if it really was him or not. Heading back to the bar, they introduce themselves to the bartender, the man who asked for help in keeping undesirables out of the community. Once that was taken care of, the group heads back to the pirate ship, setting up an ambush. Once they do return, Shakti takes out one member and intimidates him into ratting out that the pirate group was at their asteroid base and they were picking up a payment here. The other pirate takes off in their land crawler and runs into Mandalore. With a little help from Vlad, that hit flips the land crawler and breaks it. The person inside turned out to be mechanical, and mostly ripped in half. As the group was trying to figure this development, the space port (such that a field can be called a space port) comes under attack by individual fighters. As the fighters do strafing runs, the group grabs half of the robot and the payment box and makes a run for their ship. Just as they get off the ground, they take a direct hit and head into the trees….

Fallen jedi by kirgan3d d5bsfsc

The Sky(hook) is Falling

The group gathered itself in the fallen tower and made sure everyone was ok, then looked around, discovering Shakti Fett beat up and left to die on the surface. Collecting him and finding some working swoop-bikes, the group returns to the motel they had left Cee Zee’s uncle. Hashing out a plan to find their ship and the prof, they head to the top of the towers and find that both are apparently located in a skyhook, far above them. with some rudimentary research and surveillance, they hatch a plan to assault the heavily defended home of the leader of the red hand (involving a cobbled together mega rocket, two crashing shuttles, and a bit of luck. Tasook, Mandalore, and their new friend Shakti punch their way in through one of the landing bay’s blast doors while Ceew Zee and Vlad use the force to slide through the door on the other side.Arriving in the main hanger, they see their own ship and a luxury shuttle sitting their. Cee Zee and Vlad head upwards, towards where the Prof is while the other three secure their ship. Cee Zee and Vlad run into some nasty dart traps, and then are jumped by a force user with some nasty weapons. Mandalore runs to help and Cee Zee goes down. As Mandalore arrives, the prof fights his way out of a nearby room, pursued by Nima Ven, Freol Gee, and one of his men. The Prof yelled for everyone to run and took off. Mandalore and Vlad manage to fight off the others long enough to retrieve a bled dry Cee Zee and escape as well. They head down to the shuttle and the Prof hands over a trigger device and Vlad presses the button as they fly off, blowing the skyhook free of its tether and then to pieces, obliterating everyone and everything aboard. The group brings the prof to look at Cee Zee’s uncle. In the middle of the prof talking, he mentioned that the guy was brain dead <blam> Cee Zee shoots his uncle in the head. Everyone stared, stunned, then Tasook said, “Finally!” and the prof after a min said that he could have possibly gotten some information…. if Cee Zee hadn’t killed him in cold blood.

The spaceship explodes

Rock Bottom

Vlad met up with the rest of the group and they swapped stories. Feeling with the Force, Cee-Zee and Vlad determined that their ship was down from their position, and the Professor was up in the city. They also had an unconscious uncle to deal with. Cee-Zee and Vlad determined that a box on the back of the cybernetic uncle’s head was controlling him in some way and Vlad managed to short it out. After a little more looking, they found and disabled a tracking device found in the robotic assassin’s chest. After this, they decide to go collect their heavy weapons and assault Nima Ven’s bar. They get to the locker where they had left their gear to find nothing except the body of their information broker. a quick search leads to the buying of some rifles, shotgun shells, and a flame thrower. Thus equipped, they launch a surprisingly successful attack, only to find out that the dancing girl they thought was Nima Ven was a decoy that poisoned herself on capture, and the real Nima Ven laughed at them and triggered the real trap, causing the whole tower that the bar was in to be blown off its base and fell towards the ground, a loooonnnggg way down. As the group scrambled to get out, it became increasingly obvious that there was little chance they were getting out alive when Vlad reached deep and transported the whole separated tower and everyone inside it safely to the ground. As they arrived, Vlad passed out from the strain.

Twi  lek dancer by elfguy d3j3vmz

The Balance

During the escape from the Coro Police after taking out Nima Vens rival Red Hand gang, Vlad has an overwhelming urge to be in a different location and Folds Space away. He reappears in an random location on Coruscant. While standing in a crowded sidewalk, he sees a dark cloaked figure standing an an upper platform staring down at him. So Vlad, jumps up there and asks him who he is. The guy removes his cloak and it looks to be an older version of himself.

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After escaping into the Sewers from the Coro Defense Force, the group slides down a tunnel for a few levels, landing in a dry but very much shit stained sewer tunnel. Once there, Tasook speaks up that Vlad disappeared on the way down and he has no idea where he went. SO after some discussion on what to do next the group decides that the priority is getting out of the sewers and then the secondary is to get cleaned up in the ship.
Upon arrival to the docking area, they get a nice glimpse of their ship flying away and a silver protocol droid waiting on the dock. Obviously irate, Tasook asks the droid where their ship is going. Which he replied, I do not know, I was sent by my Mistress, Nima Ven, she wants them to know that she was mistaken about the location of Prof Ven and would like them to come at their leisure to talk about this in person. They decided that they should head there now and discuss their business.
Upon arrival, the group is stopped by the armed guards out-front and inform them that their weapons will have to be surrendered, especially Tasooks rotary cannon. Which they all did. They were then brought into the back area to meet with Nima Ven. Their aggressive, rude manners offended Nima Ven who stated that their business was concluded, and to leave her sector, if she ever sees them around again, they are dead. The group demands a 15k payment for what they did, which she agreed upon.
They then collected their weapons and went to find a locker to store the big stuff in. After that they went to a known a bar and found some information brokers there. They hired the broker to discover where their ship went and who took it. They will be in the bar waiting and the info broker needed to check in every 2 hours.
After about 6 hours of sitting there, a guy wearing what looks to be a wild west duster jacket comes in and sits down, staring at the group. Slowly, the rest of the patrons of the bar get up and leave, leaving the group, the guy and the droid bartender. Cee Zee then bought a round for everybody, including the other guy. Once he got the drink, he stood up started walking to the group, he takes his shot of alcohol and then throws the shot glass at the group and draws two swords. At this point the group realizes that he is more cyborg than human, and cee zee realizes that he is actually his uncle….duh duh duh.
After a pretty violent and bloody battle, the group manages to knock him out, barely. They then take him to a cheap motel and tie him up.

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Missing in Action

By James Benton:
Waking up to find that they are right where they wanted to be, the group headed in towards the planet, barely avoiding causing massive collisions, as they found themselves in a shipping lane. They landed at the old University landing pad, the Professor and Mandalore heading off to report in. The rest of the group stayed on the ship, waiting for them to return. Surfing the web, they find out that the University had been shut down and they scramble to find out what happened to their teammates. Cee Zee found his house and recovered some datapads and found a name written in the Professor’s blood on a wall. Mandalore staggered back to the ship and the group took off under fire to hide somewhere. Looking through the datapads, they find a list of names and addresses on one of them, the mysterious name being one of them, someone in the Red Hand organization. The group went to find her, asking her to find the professor for them. After a couple of days, she came and told them that the professor was being held by one of her rivals and gave the group information to help them. They do, battling into the bar where the local boss hung out and slaughtering everyone, but not finding the professor anywhere. Setting fire to the bar, they bug out, diving into a sewer to avoid the arriving cops.


After landing safely on the ground, Vlad, passes out from the exertion of what he has accomplished. Cee Zee mimics what he seen Vlad do and teleports over to where they left the Rakata torn in half. When he arrives there, he finds a large hole in the ground, and it looks like the Rakata was dragged down into the hole. he goes down into it and travels for about 5 minutes before thinking to himself that it might not be smart to go down this hole by himself. So he teleports back but keeps the info to himself, because that is what Cee Zee does.

The group gets into their ship, flies back to the where the Taungs were massed up together, however all that is left there is a large crater. The land, discuss the situation and decided to see what they can salvage from the Rakata ship and then see if they can find Kir Vantai.
They manage to salvage, a cargo hold full of Rakata WMDs and even manage to salvage some working weaponry that they can use individually. They then decide to pack up and start the 4 year trip back to Coruscant. While loading up the auto pilot, they receive a radio transmission from Kir asking for help, saying that he is in some sort of weird chamber and then he cuts out.

This is when Cee Zee the hider of useful information speaks up about the hole he found. The group lands there, and heads down into the hole. The tunnel leads them to a place where nature and technoligy seemed to have merged together. While exploring there they see Kir Vanti tied up in what looks like webbing. So they try to kit him down, but as soon as they get close, they are attacked by wierd techno spiders, and then Kir’s webs release him showing that he now has the lower body of a techno spider and his right arm was replaced with a wicked looking blaster cannon.
After a vicious fight, between spider Kir, techno spiders, and the Rakata Spider the group managed to escape the tunnels and make it back to their ship. They almost lost Cee Zee but he managed to get to the ship at the last moment.

They then healed up, packed themselves into the cryo tubes and spent approx 4.5 years traveling home

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Crash and Burn

While everybody is resting and healing Vlad Mirros decides to open up the clay pots that he found in the dark crypt. Hesitant at first but encouraged by the Exile Lords wraith, he gains dark knowledge but at what cost?
Later on, the rest of the group decides to experiment with the powder and liquid found in the other urns found in the other crypts. Cee Zee of course takes some of the powder and is in a weird trance for hours, unable to explain what he seen.
They then decide to visit the Carved Tower and while there they discover that the liquid and powder mixed together make a potent drug, it allows force users to see potential paths that their future holds.
After interrogating the Rakatan Overlord, they find out that the planet was used as a weapons depot for their WMD’s. They decide to attack, free the Taungs and end the Threat of the Rakata on this planet (and hopefully end up with some powerful Rakatan weapons).
They decide that the best move would be an very unstealthy attack, from the sky. SO they loaded up in their ship and flew to the Rakata Camp. Once there they discovered that the Rakata ship was protected by some sort of energy beam and armed also with a very powerful missile turret (which almost shot them down).
Plan B was to kidnap a taung Chief and convince him of the Rakata threat. They managed to do this and he promised to at least cause a distraction. He managed to do that, however, Cee Zee seen taht tribe under attack and at first decided that he must help them. Until he came to his senses and realized he could do nothing for them and decided to infiltrate the Rakatan Ship. He makes his way to the Rakata ship, finds an open elevator tube and uses it to enter the ship. Once he is in the ship he discovers a cargo bay full of missiles, bombs and a curious shipping container looking object with a computer screen.

Meanwhile the rest of the group makes their way to bottom of the tube in time to see the elevator tube rise up and lock in. While they are standing around talking the ship starts up and slowly begins to lift off. They barely manage to figure out a way in and end up in the same cargo hold, just in time to stop Cee Zee from pressing any buttons on there. While in the cargo hold a large crane picks up one of the missiles and loads it in a tube. They fail to stop it before it launched. After that they continued through the cargo hold to the turbo lifts. Went up as high as they could make it and exited the turbo lift.

This is where they were ambushed by the Rakata. They had set up an ambush at an empty armory station. During the fight Cee Zee and Vlad were drawn into another room, where a massively armored Rakatan was waiting for them. After a brutal fight, the gruop defeated him when Vlad ripped him in half. However, they did not heed his warning, that if he died they all die, and the ship exploded around them. Lucky for them Cee Zee was able to project some sort of field around them to keep them safe and Vlad was magically able to transport them to the ground.


Holy Trinity

While the group went down inside the ancient Temple, the 4 bored Taungan Warriors set up a watch and pulled security. Approx 15 minutes later they were attacked and killed by another Clan of Taungs led by a Rakatan Overlord. Once he killed the guards, the Rakatan Overlord had explosives set up and collapsed the temple in on itself.

Meanwhile, the group is down inside exploring the temple when all of the sudden it starts collapsing and their entrance has been cut off. They look around and decide to explore some more. They discover three rooms with sarcaphagus in them.
Room 1: Has a white marble sarcophagus, inside that was a white robed rakatan with a blue glass bracelet. Cee Zee touched the guys arm and instantly the glass bracelet liqueifed and slide onto his arm. Soon after it started healing his wounds and removing any blemishes.
Room 2: Had a black quartz sarcophagus with a terribly scared and mummified Rakatan inside it, this is the one that Vlad Mirros tore open with the force prior to the rest of the group making it down to the bottom. He took a necklace from around its neck. Prof Vel later informed him that it seems to be changing his dna, his cells appeared to be necrotizing.
Room 3: This room had a grey granite sarcophagus in it, inside there was a grey robed figure.
each of the rooms also had three urns at the feet of whoever was buried in them

The three urns from the grey room were opened up.
1. Ancient scrolls
2. White powder
3. A smokey substance escaped and disappeared.

After this, the group set their sight on escaping. They quickly ascertained that the large number of rocks and debris would keep them from going out the way they came in. So after checking out the grate in the floor, they accidently got it off after trying to brute force it of. It opened up into a tunnel that led down into the bowels of the temple. After travelling down, down and down. They found themselves in a cavern that opened up into a throne room with a large wall carving. The wall carving showed the same three figures from the sarcophagi. This time it showed the Grey Figure carved much larger and shown in a position of power. At their feet there looked to be rakata bowing in supplication.

There throne room had three Thrones, built in the same material as the sarcophagus, also there are statues of the three figures. The names on the statues appeared to have been polished down and removed. While looking around Vlad Mirros sits down on the black throne and discovered that it fit him perfectly. While he was sitting there the statues and the carvings of the Scared Rakatan changed instead to now show Vlad. This understandably freaked him out and led the rest of the group to decide to keep heading out. They easily found their way out to a exit that was covered by a waterfall.

After exiting, they see that they are down a little behind the temple and are looking down into a valley that is filled with a reflecting pool, at the entrance of the valley their looked to be some sort of man made monolith. They decide to first check on the guards, which requires that they climb up a small cliff and go back around the temple. They can see the amount of damage done pretty easily now that they are on the outside.

While their they are ambushed by the Taung Warriors and Rakatan Overlords. They receive a pretty significant amount of damage butthey manage to defeat them after Vlad Mirros somehow manages to tear the Rakatan in half using his mind. The group heads back to the ship to heal and rearm. While there they discover that a large ship landed next to theirs Kir Vantai is missing and the trail of blood leading from their ship probably belongs to him.

Ancient rakata


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