Vlad Mirros

Blond haired human male


Fairly average human male, currently marked by a burn scar on his cheek. It is an angry vertical line, just missing his right eye. He has no fingernails, his eyes are yellow, and the veins around his eyes are dark and prominent. He is marked with some angry looking scars.


Vlad Mirros was part of the Coro Defense Force, completing basic as a barely qualifying rifleman. After a lackluster first posting, where he took some classes at a local college, he decided that he wanted to explore the galaxy. Knowing some of history from his classes, he thinks that if he can find out more about the Rakata and what happened to them, he will gain more understanding of the universe.

Vlad wears an armored flight suit with a jet pack, a wrist rocket launcher, and a shield gauntlet. He also has a claw bracer. He wears a heavy slug thrower pistol on his right hip, and a dire sword with a square tip on his back. He carries a vibro lance. A mostly empty bandolier stretches across his chest.

He has a heavy repeating crossbow and a regular repeating crossbow on his ship along with several magazines.

Vlad returned to Tattoine to contemplate the Balance. Using his riches to turn Cee Zees Palace into a Monastery of sorts: he invites anybody willing and able to travel the distance to come learn how to spread the balance through the Galaxy; he spread a message of tolerance and understanding. One day however, he students woke up to find him gone, as if he just disappeared into thin air. The “Knowledge Crystals” he used to store his Knowledge and message were as he left them, ironically the ability to construct these crystals were lost with him…….

Vlad Mirros

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