Shakti Fett

A swashbuckler of the spaceways.



Once Shakti was a roguish scoundrel of sorts doing what was necessary to survive on the fringes on the known galaxy. As he grew so did his strengths and skills but more important was the growth of his pirating enterprises. Soon after a couple of prominent missions Fett was able to join up with a notorious space gang, called the D-company.

On the last mission with them he was double crossed and set-up to take the fall. Literally he fell hundreds of feet through the many corrupt layers of Coruscant concluding his own escape. Barley surviving the fall he was discovered by some rather strange people ironically in a similar situation as he, double crossed and left for dead. Shakti has now taking up with this group in the hopes of becoming more of a legit privateer organization with a focus on R&D of new combat technologies from hand to hand vibro-tech, to ranged laser weaponry, personal and vehicle shields, and the “discovery” of planet buster bombs.

Secretly Fett harbors great resentment against his old group and plans to exact his revenge on them one at a time or all at once if given the chance. Although recently he has run into a snag, during the groups last op. to Alderaan where they crash landed, Shakti saw what he though to be his old commander Capt. Xandar Sul Loo. The snag came when he saw that the person he thought to be a human was in fact a robot, or some sort of cyborg. While harder to kill than flesh and blood the real concern is more a philosophical one, for how does one feel about taking revenge upon a being that may not possess feelings?

Shakti Fett and the survivors of the Kommandos are left behind on the Asteroid Base when the rest of the group heads out to attack Prof Czerka. After a year of healing and rebuilding, they turn the asteroid into a Casino calling it the Pirates Den. After that Shakti lives of a life of excess, drinking away the pain of losing an arm and having a monsterous cyborg arm grow back, seducing and impregnating any girl that catches his eyes. Shakti Fett becomes known as “The King of the Bastards” due to the large number of kids he has. Nobody has the balls to call him that to his face

Known hideouts:

  1. Moon of Duros
  2. Asteroid Field x391 about 2 weeks travel in between Duros and Coruscant
  3. The Mynoks Den- Smuggler Haven in the Corellian Sector

Shakti Fett

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