Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure


While Pulin, Shakti Fett and Vlad Mirros spend 16 months travling back and forth between Tatooine and Alderaan. This is what they miss:

Month 1:Tasook and Mandalore are recalled back to Alderaan by Prof Czerka, to lead Kirs Kommandos in the Invasion of Correllia.
Month 1:. The Governor of Correllia disappears after hiring Kirs Kommandos.
Months 5-9: Invasion of Correllia takes place with Kirs Kommandos at the vanguard. breach the Palace of Corellia but claim that the Queen was dead when they arrived.
Monts 13-14: Prof Czerka buys out Herglic Trade Empire and has the Hyperspace Cannons moved to Alderaan
Month 15: Video footage is released to Republic News Agencies showing:
a. The group murder The Governor of Correllia
b. Tasook and Mandalore murder the Queen of Correllia after reaching the Throne Room during the Invasion of Correllia.
Month 16: An old derelict looking ship randomly appears in orbit around Alderaan
Month 16: Warrants for the Arrest for the group are issued, Kirs Kommandos are designated as a Terrorist Organization and Czerka Corp removes funding and condemns the actions of the Kirs Kommandos.



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