Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure

Rock Bottom

Vlad met up with the rest of the group and they swapped stories. Feeling with the Force, Cee-Zee and Vlad determined that their ship was down from their position, and the Professor was up in the city. They also had an unconscious uncle to deal with. Cee-Zee and Vlad determined that a box on the back of the cybernetic uncle’s head was controlling him in some way and Vlad managed to short it out. After a little more looking, they found and disabled a tracking device found in the robotic assassin’s chest. After this, they decide to go collect their heavy weapons and assault Nima Ven’s bar. They get to the locker where they had left their gear to find nothing except the body of their information broker. a quick search leads to the buying of some rifles, shotgun shells, and a flame thrower. Thus equipped, they launch a surprisingly successful attack, only to find out that the dancing girl they thought was Nima Ven was a decoy that poisoned herself on capture, and the real Nima Ven laughed at them and triggered the real trap, causing the whole tower that the bar was in to be blown off its base and fell towards the ground, a loooonnnggg way down. As the group scrambled to get out, it became increasingly obvious that there was little chance they were getting out alive when Vlad reached deep and transported the whole separated tower and everyone inside it safely to the ground. As they arrived, Vlad passed out from the strain.

Twi  lek dancer by elfguy d3j3vmz



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