Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure


After escaping into the Sewers from the Coro Defense Force, the group slides down a tunnel for a few levels, landing in a dry but very much shit stained sewer tunnel. Once there, Tasook speaks up that Vlad disappeared on the way down and he has no idea where he went. SO after some discussion on what to do next the group decides that the priority is getting out of the sewers and then the secondary is to get cleaned up in the ship.
Upon arrival to the docking area, they get a nice glimpse of their ship flying away and a silver protocol droid waiting on the dock. Obviously irate, Tasook asks the droid where their ship is going. Which he replied, I do not know, I was sent by my Mistress, Nima Ven, she wants them to know that she was mistaken about the location of Prof Ven and would like them to come at their leisure to talk about this in person. They decided that they should head there now and discuss their business.
Upon arrival, the group is stopped by the armed guards out-front and inform them that their weapons will have to be surrendered, especially Tasooks rotary cannon. Which they all did. They were then brought into the back area to meet with Nima Ven. Their aggressive, rude manners offended Nima Ven who stated that their business was concluded, and to leave her sector, if she ever sees them around again, they are dead. The group demands a 15k payment for what they did, which she agreed upon.
They then collected their weapons and went to find a locker to store the big stuff in. After that they went to a known a bar and found some information brokers there. They hired the broker to discover where their ship went and who took it. They will be in the bar waiting and the info broker needed to check in every 2 hours.
After about 6 hours of sitting there, a guy wearing what looks to be a wild west duster jacket comes in and sits down, staring at the group. Slowly, the rest of the patrons of the bar get up and leave, leaving the group, the guy and the droid bartender. Cee Zee then bought a round for everybody, including the other guy. Once he got the drink, he stood up started walking to the group, he takes his shot of alcohol and then throws the shot glass at the group and draws two swords. At this point the group realizes that he is more cyborg than human, and cee zee realizes that he is actually his uncle….duh duh duh.
After a pretty violent and bloody battle, the group manages to knock him out, barely. They then take him to a cheap motel and tie him up.

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