Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure

Missing in Action

By James Benton:
Waking up to find that they are right where they wanted to be, the group headed in towards the planet, barely avoiding causing massive collisions, as they found themselves in a shipping lane. They landed at the old University landing pad, the Professor and Mandalore heading off to report in. The rest of the group stayed on the ship, waiting for them to return. Surfing the web, they find out that the University had been shut down and they scramble to find out what happened to their teammates. Cee Zee found his house and recovered some datapads and found a name written in the Professor’s blood on a wall. Mandalore staggered back to the ship and the group took off under fire to hide somewhere. Looking through the datapads, they find a list of names and addresses on one of them, the mysterious name being one of them, someone in the Red Hand organization. The group went to find her, asking her to find the professor for them. After a couple of days, she came and told them that the professor was being held by one of her rivals and gave the group information to help them. They do, battling into the bar where the local boss hung out and slaughtering everyone, but not finding the professor anywhere. Setting fire to the bar, they bug out, diving into a sewer to avoid the arriving cops.




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