Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure


After landing safely on the ground, Vlad, passes out from the exertion of what he has accomplished. Cee Zee mimics what he seen Vlad do and teleports over to where they left the Rakata torn in half. When he arrives there, he finds a large hole in the ground, and it looks like the Rakata was dragged down into the hole. he goes down into it and travels for about 5 minutes before thinking to himself that it might not be smart to go down this hole by himself. So he teleports back but keeps the info to himself, because that is what Cee Zee does.

The group gets into their ship, flies back to the where the Taungs were massed up together, however all that is left there is a large crater. The land, discuss the situation and decided to see what they can salvage from the Rakata ship and then see if they can find Kir Vantai.
They manage to salvage, a cargo hold full of Rakata WMDs and even manage to salvage some working weaponry that they can use individually. They then decide to pack up and start the 4 year trip back to Coruscant. While loading up the auto pilot, they receive a radio transmission from Kir asking for help, saying that he is in some sort of weird chamber and then he cuts out.

This is when Cee Zee the hider of useful information speaks up about the hole he found. The group lands there, and heads down into the hole. The tunnel leads them to a place where nature and technoligy seemed to have merged together. While exploring there they see Kir Vanti tied up in what looks like webbing. So they try to kit him down, but as soon as they get close, they are attacked by wierd techno spiders, and then Kir’s webs release him showing that he now has the lower body of a techno spider and his right arm was replaced with a wicked looking blaster cannon.
After a vicious fight, between spider Kir, techno spiders, and the Rakata Spider the group managed to escape the tunnels and make it back to their ship. They almost lost Cee Zee but he managed to get to the ship at the last moment.

They then healed up, packed themselves into the cryo tubes and spent approx 4.5 years traveling home

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