Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure

Holy Trinity

While the group went down inside the ancient Temple, the 4 bored Taungan Warriors set up a watch and pulled security. Approx 15 minutes later they were attacked and killed by another Clan of Taungs led by a Rakatan Overlord. Once he killed the guards, the Rakatan Overlord had explosives set up and collapsed the temple in on itself.

Meanwhile, the group is down inside exploring the temple when all of the sudden it starts collapsing and their entrance has been cut off. They look around and decide to explore some more. They discover three rooms with sarcaphagus in them.
Room 1: Has a white marble sarcophagus, inside that was a white robed rakatan with a blue glass bracelet. Cee Zee touched the guys arm and instantly the glass bracelet liqueifed and slide onto his arm. Soon after it started healing his wounds and removing any blemishes.
Room 2: Had a black quartz sarcophagus with a terribly scared and mummified Rakatan inside it, this is the one that Vlad Mirros tore open with the force prior to the rest of the group making it down to the bottom. He took a necklace from around its neck. Prof Vel later informed him that it seems to be changing his dna, his cells appeared to be necrotizing.
Room 3: This room had a grey granite sarcophagus in it, inside there was a grey robed figure.
each of the rooms also had three urns at the feet of whoever was buried in them

The three urns from the grey room were opened up.
1. Ancient scrolls
2. White powder
3. A smokey substance escaped and disappeared.

After this, the group set their sight on escaping. They quickly ascertained that the large number of rocks and debris would keep them from going out the way they came in. So after checking out the grate in the floor, they accidently got it off after trying to brute force it of. It opened up into a tunnel that led down into the bowels of the temple. After travelling down, down and down. They found themselves in a cavern that opened up into a throne room with a large wall carving. The wall carving showed the same three figures from the sarcophagi. This time it showed the Grey Figure carved much larger and shown in a position of power. At their feet there looked to be rakata bowing in supplication.

There throne room had three Thrones, built in the same material as the sarcophagus, also there are statues of the three figures. The names on the statues appeared to have been polished down and removed. While looking around Vlad Mirros sits down on the black throne and discovered that it fit him perfectly. While he was sitting there the statues and the carvings of the Scared Rakatan changed instead to now show Vlad. This understandably freaked him out and led the rest of the group to decide to keep heading out. They easily found their way out to a exit that was covered by a waterfall.

After exiting, they see that they are down a little behind the temple and are looking down into a valley that is filled with a reflecting pool, at the entrance of the valley their looked to be some sort of man made monolith. They decide to first check on the guards, which requires that they climb up a small cliff and go back around the temple. They can see the amount of damage done pretty easily now that they are on the outside.

While their they are ambushed by the Taung Warriors and Rakatan Overlords. They receive a pretty significant amount of damage butthey manage to defeat them after Vlad Mirros somehow manages to tear the Rakatan in half using his mind. The group heads back to the ship to heal and rearm. While there they discover that a large ship landed next to theirs Kir Vantai is missing and the trail of blood leading from their ship probably belongs to him.

Ancient rakata



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