Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure



The group despondently kicked around Duros for a couple of weeks, whining that they weren’t crazy, they really did take over a Rakata ship and flew it back. No one believed them and Kir still hadn’t fixed his data pad with the coordinates for the unknown planet. After a while, they decided that they needed to do something and looked up some stuff on a job board. The one that grabbed their attention was an exploration led by a Rakata scholar to a planet that he thinks is where the other original settlers of Coruscant went. The method of travel involves going to a Rakata space station, getting it operational, and using its version of a hyperspace gun to launch the ship across the galaxy. Using the Rakata hyperspace gun works well, and as the ship is arriving at its destination, they see a damaged ship in orbit around the planet. They board it and manage to boot up the engines and computer systems. As the ship thawed, the group noticed that it was moving slowly. Trying to figure out where the ship was trying to go and doing a quick search of some rooms on the way out, the group stumbled across the armory, empty of everything except a couple of suits of archaic armor. The group brought those back to their ship and prepared to leave, opening the hanger doors to discover the ship was in the middle of doing an uncontrolled entry of the atmosphere. Vlad managed to pilot their ship out of the hanger without getting smashed up and followed the ship down, setting down a few miles away. Kir stayed with the ship and looked at some of the stuff the group had recovered from the (now crashed) ship. The rest of the group grabbed the speeder bikes and headed to the crash site to check it out. While Tasook and Vlad circled the crashed ship doing readings, Cee Zee stayed with the professor. As the professor worked, Cee Zee started to hear something moving around. Not being militant minded, he stood around like a nice target, although the professor took the first arrow through the back. Cee Zee dragged the professor to relative safety behind on of the speeder bikes and tried to figure who was shooting. A figure ran out of the darkness with a sword, wearing archaic armor similar to the suit that the group found in the ship in orbit and Tasook is currently wearing. A strange confused flurry of combat commenced with the professor and Cee Zee shooting at the figure, who spent much of his time disarming Cee Zee. Once Tasook and Vlad joined the battle, (both tripping while getting off their speeders) and things ended abruptly as the stranger knelt before Tasook and offered up his sword. Turned out, this was the race that the professor was looking for, and the the stranger wanted Tasook to challenge for the leadership of his old clan. After a long battle, Tasook proved victorious, and there was much rejoicing. The day after the party, the group headed for what they gathered was an old Rakata tomb several hours away. Once they got there, the door opened by a touch from Vlad, just like the structures on the first jungle planet they were on. Inside, there was a blackness that defeated even Tasook’s darkvision and Cee Zee’s hearing. Vlad led the way and stopped right before falling into a pit. After some deliberation, Vlad climbed down a rope and after telling the group it was safe, wandered off into the darkness. Shortly thereafter, the lights came on the the group caught up with Vlad, who was standing in front of a sarcophagus that had the lid removed. The professor was overjoyed with the findings, although Cee Zee and Vlad in particular seemed somewhere troubled and moved out to the forest as soon as they could.



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