Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure


Grrrghk, Iffwa Both and Alex are summoned to Akar Kesh to meet up with the Masters Council. Grrrghk is brought in before to debrief the Council about the destruction of Kaleth. After that Iffwa Both and Alex are then brought in and the Council introduces each other. The Group is being sent to Bogan as spies. They are to let them think they have touched the darkness and are their to reach the balance. While there they are to find out any information about the previous Team that was sent, also investigate and test any Children that are there and finally to report on anything odd that is taking place there. After the meeting, the Council Members talk with Grrrghk, they let him know who the other members of the team are, why they are being teamed together, and finally that they are interested mainly in one child. They believe she is approx 10 years old and that she is the offspring of Bodaan and Savaan. They are worried because Bodaan disapeared soon after the destruction of Kaleth.

The trip to Bogan takes approx 5 hours, by flying Dragoon, they land at the nearby stables and decide to walk to the camp. As they get closer to the camp, they notice that it looks like it is being fortified, walls are being built around it and they hear the hammering that is normally associated with weapon smiths. They also find training grounds were large number of “dark” Je’daii are practing martial arts. During the walk through of the camp, Crisstin Luu recognizes Iffwa Both from his time there ebfore and strikes up a conversation, with obvious threatening and mocking undertones towards Grrrghk. Who manages to keep his temper, not causing a scene, even when Kryll shows up and attempts to instigate a fight. Alex, then heads to the training ground and starts giving pointers to the Je’daii there, Grrrghk and Iffwa Both maange to follow the tracks of small children to a school house. The children are being tought by Lacy Walker, one of the Ladies of the Night, she looks tired and trained, scared when Grrrghk makes himself known to her. She soon seems releived to find out that Bodaan is not with them. The group then meets back up at the training yard and decides to flex some muscle, Deciding to fight Kryll, three on one. The fight is pretty intense, she gets the upper hand in the begining, taking alot of heavy hits but dealing out heavier hits in return. It finally comes to an end whenIffwa Both breaks her kneck using the Force.



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