Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure

Cee Zees Folly

The Rakate Exile guards are kneeling down in front ofVlad Mirros after he cut off the dark robed figures head. One of them stands up to him and says “My Lord, let me take you and your entourage to your quarters. You can get some rest and then all will be explained.” With this, she leads the group away to a living section of the ship and left them in their quarters for the night.

Vlad Mirros wakes up in his room and feels drawn to go back to the Throne Room, where he fought the Cloaked Figure. When he arrives there, the room is darker then before and the ship seems to be orbiting a storm racked planet. Cloaked Figure says “Follow my path and I will lead you to the riches and power your heart desires….” He then held his hand out to Vlad. At this poing Vlad once again woke up in bed.

Vlad Mirros and Cee Zee get together and decide to explore the ship and discover the following: Armory, medical bay, training facility, throne room, bridge, battery section and engine room. While on the bridge, Vlad attempts to take the ship out of hyperspace but the Exile Guards stop him stating that would probably be a very bad idea. After leaving the bridge, they decide to head down and talk to the Head Mistress of the Exile Guards and find out what is going on.
This is what they discover:
1. The Cloaked figure was the Dark Lord, exiled from the Rakata (for reasons they failed to ask)
2. Vlad Mirros defeated him in combat, proving that he is more powerful and has taken his place as the Dark Lord.
3. He will receive the Dark Lord title only once he has gone through the coronation on the Throne World of Tatooine. The Coronation requires him to fast for 3 days and then go through the Purification Process.

This naturally freaked out Vlad Mirros who instantly starts plotting his escape…

Kir Vantai wakes up and decides to head down to the battery area of the ship because he was very intrigued in how that system worked. He walked in to hear a banging and yelling from inside one of the battery compartments. Opens it to find a very angry looking Trandoshan who seems to have ripped off the straps holding him down and was in the process of bashing open the compartment. Kir helps him out, unplugs him from the machine and hands him a slug thrower rifle (because what else would you do with an angry Trandoshan but arm him?). They then head up in the elevator and on the living quarters section the door opens revealing the rest of the group with two Exile guards. After a quick but violent scuffle between Tasook and the guards, everybody is calmed down and they head up to the bridge (yes the pissed off trandoshan is still in his underwear.

Kir Vantai sits at the nav computer area for a few hours and realizes that they are very close to the end of their trip. He starts talking to Vlad Mirros in Duros and they hatch up a plan to take out the exile guards and return home.

This starts with them taking out the two guards with them while in the Throne room and culminates with a battle in the training facility that nearly ends with Kir Vantai dead.

Upon return to the bridge, they walk in right as the ship is exiting hyperspace and the see the lush oceans and green grasslands of Tatooine, the Dark Lord of the Exiles Throne World. Instantly they are being hailed in Rakata, and three ships are launched to guide them in to land. However, the group panics, flips the ship around and attempts to escape the system. Vlad Mirros is piloting the ship while Kir Vantai attempts to plot some sort of hyperspace course using the nav computer, they took a few punishing hits but then manage to escape away into hyperspace. However, the nav computer starts sparking and then shuts down.
Vlad Mirros and Tasook head down to the battery compartment and only to find it smoking very badly and all but two of the batteries have either impoded or exploded.
Kir Vantai takes the ship out of hyperspace, opens up the nav computer anf finds that it is on fire in there, gets the fire out and fixes the nav computer enough for it to power back up. The bad news is that it looks like most of the memory has been deleted so there is a big chunk between where they started and where they are going that is just a big empty blob. he thinks that maybe he can get a reading from the location of the starts and figure out their direction of travel. While he is doing that, Cee Zee decides that it would be best if they just did a blind jump and starts the hyperdrive up again….. This has the side effect of frying most of the controls in the pilot section, making it so that they cannot exit hyperspace.
After a very harrowing 8 hours the group all working together manages to disconect the jump drive from the engine, forcing the ship into regular space.. Seconds after doing that the ship collides with an unknown object and loses all gravity control. They rush to the bridge, Cee Zee making it there first and strapping himself into the pilot seat and they find themselves with a very cracked front screen, and hurtling down through the atmosphere of a planet.
Cee Zee using more luck then real skill manages to slow the ship down, dodge a very important looking sky scrapper, aims the ship toward a lake but crashes pretty hard into the water. This causes the ship to roll, skip and break apart on the surface then start sinking when the water busts through the front windshield. The group then gets sucked into the ship with the water (some deeper then others) before managing to swim out and get picked up by a search and rescue craft.

They tell their story to the Dr’s who then pass them off to shrinks, but the group has no proof of what happened because somewhere all their Rakata gear has disapeared……

Crash 2



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