Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure


Shakti Fett,Pulin,Szar and Vlad Mirros are hired by a private individual to make the Marshall of the 4 Brothers Faction to disappear.

After planning out the mission they decide to do the following:
1. They would infiltrate the Marshals ship while it is enrout to the Peace Talks.
2. The would attach themselves to his ships using gravity mines
3. Once on the ship they would take over the steering and send it into a nearby gas giant planet and cause a chain reaction in the engine to cause it to explode and be sucked down into its gravity well
4. Escape in life pods and be picked up by a Kir Kommando

This is what actually happened:
1. Done Flawlessly
2. Also Done without a problem
3. They went to the engine room, started a chain reaction in the engine compartment
4. Went to the bridge and ended up fighting and killing the Marshall
5. Escaped the ship just in time but it seemed like the explosion was over pwoered and caused a chain reaction in the gas planet which destroyed the Marshalls Support Ships.

Exploding gas giant preview



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