Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure

Cee Zee!

The groups heads back towards the moon of Duros, trying to track down the mechanic to get paid and to find out about this planet killing bomb that is still loose. As they came out of hyperspace near Duros, they found themselves right in front of an armada. Immediately behind them, dozens of warships come out of hyperspace and broadcast a system wide message, claiming there is a 2 million credit bounty on Sakti’s head, and he was last seen on our old ship (image sent). Looking around, the group spots their old ship in the original armada, who all turn and blast away at it. As the ship breaks up, Szar and Mandalore blast off in separate directs in lifeboats. Szar gets picked up by a ship, and Mandalore gets snagged by one of the invaders. Breaking free of two tractor beams, the group fights their way over to the ship that snagged Mandalore and attempts to disable it, but it jumps into hyperspace and the group gives chase. After a short trip, they arrive at an artificial asteroid field and decide to launch themselves through space again to assault the ship. They manage to get inside, venting a bunch of atmosphere into space and setting off the emergency safety measures in the ship. Once inside they get attacked by Cee Zee… only it isn’t Cee Zee, but a droid with a holographic shroud on it. Cee Zee manipulates some evil shadows and blasts the group with lightning, and then proceeds to beat on the group for a little bit and then phased through the floor to escape. The group splits up, Joda and Tasook heading aft to save the batteries, while Mandalore, Shakti, and Vlad head forward to follow Cee Zee. They catch up to him as he steps onto the ramp of a escaping shuttle. Shakti shoots the glass door in their way and Mandalore runs to grab onto something, expecting venting atmosphere. Shakti and Vlad just watch the cracks grow and the door break, sending them out into the open hanger bay. Mandalore loses his grip and comes flailing after them. They actually get shot right onto the shuttle and immediately attack Cee Zee, only to find out it is another disguised droid. A beeping starts and panics everyone, and the asteroid ring explodes, shaking everyone. The group attempts to drag the defunct ship off to hide it and plans are hatched to add missile tubes to it, making it a warship of serious firepower.

Dark jedi



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