Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure

Backs against the wall

After the crash, Tasook and Mandalore head back towards the tent city to observe what is happening and Shakti headed back to the engines to see why there is no power. Vlad, left alone with the box of payment taken from the pirates. He opened it, seeing the top tray filled with credit chips and lifted it up to see if there was more. Hearing a click, he immediately folded space outside, watching flames gout out of the suddenly shattered windows. In no time, they discovered that the engine room was filled with coolant smoke (a very bad sign). Vlad suited up in one of the EV suits and phased through the door to see what happened. Apparently, there was an engine malfunction and a pair of rods were thrown, piercing the coolant line. Finding the manual vent, Vlad attempted to open it but found it jammed. Noticing the coolant was eating into his suit, he folded space out and dropped the suit outside. At this time, Tasook came back and let everyone know that four troopships had land, disgorged troops and fortified the tent city. Tossing around a variety of ideas to launch an attack on the town and steal a ship, they decided it wasnt worth the risk and headed back to their ship to see if they could fix things. Vlad and Mandalore suited up and went into the engine room, trying to open the vent. They got it partially open and took some damage doing it. They then crashed in their buns to sleep it off, and Tasook and a new companion, Czar, took watch. After a few hours, two airships rushed in and 40ish troops launched an attack. Tasook stood his ground… for a little while, and Mandalore and Vlad fell shortly after, only able to take out most, not all, of the enemy troops. Shakti dueled his old boss inside the ship, and Czar sniped from the woods and chased the remainder of the troops off. After reviving Mandalore, Tasook, and Vlad, they watched the troop transports take off. Taking a look at the tent city, they find nothing, no tents, no people, no ships. The group decides that there has to be something else on this planet, and set about fixing their ship, at least enough to cruise around on planet.

Helghast forest battle by tactican d3d4ya6



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