Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure

Cee Zee vs Mandalore

Shakti, Vlad, and Madalore spend some time in the shop modifying weapons and are interupted by a strange power outage. They head for the core to see if there is a problem there and finding none, they spread out to see what the trouble is. Mandalore and Vlad come upon Cee Zee, wearing a badly dyed and dripping black robe. He is carrying a sword and in his other hand, ignites a laser sword linked to a power pack on his belt. Briefly attacking Vlad, he retreated to his room (through the wall), and then popped on top of the ship and back while pummeling Mandalore. Vlad interjected and knocked Cee Zee down, causing him to slide off the ship. Mandalore follows him, swinging away. Cee Zee ended up going into the abyss, and tried, but failed to drag Mandalore with him. The group decides that heading to Alderon gives them the best chance to track down the planet-killer bomb the pirates took. On the journey, the group modifies their weapons some more. When they arrive on Alderon, they see the pirate ship and head to the local bar to see if they can track the pirates down. On entering, they see the edge of a black cloak and give chase, thinking it is somehow Cee Zee. They end up losing him in the crowd, unable to see if it really was him or not. Heading back to the bar, they introduce themselves to the bartender, the man who asked for help in keeping undesirables out of the community. Once that was taken care of, the group heads back to the pirate ship, setting up an ambush. Once they do return, Shakti takes out one member and intimidates him into ratting out that the pirate group was at their asteroid base and they were picking up a payment here. The other pirate takes off in their land crawler and runs into Mandalore. With a little help from Vlad, that hit flips the land crawler and breaks it. The person inside turned out to be mechanical, and mostly ripped in half. As the group was trying to figure this development, the space port (such that a field can be called a space port) comes under attack by individual fighters. As the fighters do strafing runs, the group grabs half of the robot and the payment box and makes a run for their ship. Just as they get off the ground, they take a direct hit and head into the trees….

Fallen jedi by kirgan3d d5bsfsc



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