Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure

The Sky(hook) is Falling

The group gathered itself in the fallen tower and made sure everyone was ok, then looked around, discovering Shakti Fett beat up and left to die on the surface. Collecting him and finding some working swoop-bikes, the group returns to the motel they had left Cee Zee’s uncle. Hashing out a plan to find their ship and the prof, they head to the top of the towers and find that both are apparently located in a skyhook, far above them. with some rudimentary research and surveillance, they hatch a plan to assault the heavily defended home of the leader of the red hand (involving a cobbled together mega rocket, two crashing shuttles, and a bit of luck. Tasook, Mandalore, and their new friend Shakti punch their way in through one of the landing bay’s blast doors while Ceew Zee and Vlad use the force to slide through the door on the other side.Arriving in the main hanger, they see their own ship and a luxury shuttle sitting their. Cee Zee and Vlad head upwards, towards where the Prof is while the other three secure their ship. Cee Zee and Vlad run into some nasty dart traps, and then are jumped by a force user with some nasty weapons. Mandalore runs to help and Cee Zee goes down. As Mandalore arrives, the prof fights his way out of a nearby room, pursued by Nima Ven, Freol Gee, and one of his men. The Prof yelled for everyone to run and took off. Mandalore and Vlad manage to fight off the others long enough to retrieve a bled dry Cee Zee and escape as well. They head down to the shuttle and the Prof hands over a trigger device and Vlad presses the button as they fly off, blowing the skyhook free of its tether and then to pieces, obliterating everyone and everything aboard. The group brings the prof to look at Cee Zee’s uncle. In the middle of the prof talking, he mentioned that the guy was brain dead <blam> Cee Zee shoots his uncle in the head. Everyone stared, stunned, then Tasook said, “Finally!” and the prof after a min said that he could have possibly gotten some information…. if Cee Zee hadn’t killed him in cold blood.

The spaceship explodes



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