Star Wars: A True Epic Adventure

In The Beginning

Three fairly random individuals (Vlad, Kir, and Cee Zee) met up at a bar and developed a companionship as only the downtrodden with little hope are wont to do. After doing a few little odds and ends jobs, they decided to pool their skills and got hired to babysit a freighter headed to Duros by sublight. As they travelled, they were buzzed by a small vessel and immediately thought to start checking the hatches on their ship, a process that took days, but was completed with no sign of anyone. The group was feeling pretty safe when there was a shudder and when the group looked, there was a ship attached to theirs and looked like it was drilling through the hull. As the group tried to figure out how they were going to deal with the invader, several more ships attached themselves and drilled into the hull at various locations. The group decided to vacate via the escape pod, and as they were doing it, the invaders cut into the bridge with energy swords and demanded that the group hand over the “sensitive one”. The escape pod launched them onto an overgrown planet and the group vacated immediately, the enemy surrounding the area looking for them. The group followed a stream that turned into a river and ended in a massive waterfall cascading into a lake. In the distance there were some stone spires visible. The group found a staircase down, then headed to the pyramid shaped spires. On the way, they found some old skeletons of Rakata and looted them, finding some energy guns and energy swords, all lacking a charge. Once at the structures, the group went inside and climbed to the top. They found a casket-like box and the top, and when they opened it, they found a human shaped divot in a crystal like bed. As they were deciding who was going to climb in, Cee Zee jumped in, immediately going rigid in pain. Vlad and Kir dragged him out and when they saw a ship coming towards them, dragged him down inside the spire. When they got inside, the group encountered two Rakata and defeated them, heading out through the pyramid. Seeing the ship there on the ground, they decided to board it and try to take it over. As soon as they got on, it took off, taking them somewhere else. After fumbling around, Vlad found himself seperated from the group and in a throne room, facing an obviously superior black robed figure with an energy sword. After the rest of the group managed to get to him and join the fight (Cee Zee stabbing Kir in the leg with the energy sword), Vlad beheaded the robed figure and the Rakata guards all knelt down, leaving the group to scratch their heads in puzzlement.

Rakata prime concept



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